Wie ben ik

Who am I

As a sailor there is one quote that stays with me the most. 

“A calm sea never made a skilled sailor”

by learning to deal with stress in risky situations while navigating at sea you gain experience that you couldn’t build up by sailing on a calm lake. You have to go out at sea with full courage and overcome all difficulties with your sailing buddies so that everyone gets back to land safely.


I try to use this quote on a daily basis when setting up projects. At the most difficult moments you will learn the most and with a good team the difficulties will be overcome which will ensure that the project will be well done.

At the moment I am studying my bachelor network economics at the Hogeschool West Vlaanderen (Howest). As entrepreneurs of the future, we are not afraid to work with new technologies at the speed at which everything changes. We dare to move away from the basic business models and look for opportunities to collaborate with partners from all possible angles. In doing so, we look for long-term solutions instead of wanting to score fast. We learn from our mistakes and go full steam ahead.

You might ask yourself what Network Economics is. Well, I got the answer.

Network Economy makes you the entrepreneur of tomorrow. they show you how a company or organization fits together, how you can find your way in complex networks, where you can look for and find the right partners, how you can assess challenges and risks and turn them into opportunities, and how you can use digital technology to drive your plans forward.



Curriculum Vitae