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Hi everyone,

In this blog post, I’m going to talk about our course “TimeTracking with an object”.

A few weeks back, I had a class named “Hoe blijf je in controle over je tijd?“. Some students were whining that they had too much work to do. They asked the teacher if she could shift some stuff around. She simply laughed and said, “Can your show me how much work you have and how much time it takes you to complete it”. We were all flabbergasted. She showed some ways on how to keep track of our time.


The first example was using Excel. She showed us how to make timetables and to track our activities. In the end, when it was all done, we agreed it was too labor intensive to put everything we do in an Excel sheet. 


Some other ways were shown but they just didn’t do it for me…

Until she showed Toggl. I thought that it was much easier than those other examples. By simply downloading Toggl on your computer, you could register on what you were working on and it automatically timed how long you were working on that activity. You can also add some additional information that would be useful if you ever looked back at what you did. 


To finish the course, an exercise was given where we needed to think of an object that we could use to keep track of our time. I instantly thought of my Rubik’s cube. It had colors that I could link to a course. So for example, every time I worked on my Small Business project, I would put the color green on top (See my list of the courses that I linked to colors). I thought it was quite a funny way to keep track of my time. My challenge with it was that I was usually more tempted to solve my cube then spend time on my activity.


  • Logical problem solving – Blue
  • Critical thinking – Orange
  • Small business project – Green
  • Multilingual online and offline media – Red
  • Portfolio and communication – White
  • English course – Yellow

I didn’t go through with the TimeTracking object method but I found a good way to keep track of my time. I use my Outlook agenda in combination with Toggl. Now I can plan when I’m going to work on a specific activity and keep track of my time with Toggl. I’m quite happy with my method because it works for ‘me’. I recommend everybody who doesn’t have his or her own method to just try everything until you find what fits with you.


I promise you it’ll make your life a lot easier.


Thank you for making it ‘till the end

Stay tuned for more

11 gedachten over “Time Tracking

  1. Dirk De Waegeneire zei:

    Rookie mistake, never forget a moment when you do nothing.
    I’m expert in this topic now.
    But good methodology

    1. Ann Deraedt zei:

      Yep, helemaal akkoord met de creatieve en inspirerende invulling van de opdracht.
      Ik kijk uit naar jouw beeld en interpretatie van de opdracht. Hoe ziet jouw toekomstig slimme “enhanced” timetracker eruit?


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